Prism Health Services

Prism Health Services has solutions to help. With innovative, simple-to-use devices, we enable people to stay in their own homes, safely and independently, for as long as possible

Prism Health Services was conceptualized as a result of first-hand experience. Founder, Prachi Rathi often heard patients express their desire to stay in their own homes after being treated for an illness or physical condition. Many patients did not heed the advice to stay in a Long Term Care Facility and insisted on going home alone, even when the home would be unsafe. Prachi always felt a tug in her heart when patients went home alone; as she wondered who would monitor them to ensure their safety, well-being, and happiness. She started searching for solutions and founded Prism Health Services out of compassion, concern, and commitment to finding a way for Seniors, Disabled people or the Chronically Ill to: Be Home, Be Safe and Be Happy!.




Open House- Grand Success!!!


Launch of NMT Device

The patent pending NMT Device is being launched at AOTA 2013 convention in San Diego, California.




Actual User of our product

Useful, important technology for those of us to be able to still be part of the “crowd”.

Fantastic Equipment! I am very impressed.

Comfort Keepers

Great Products!! You are now and the future.

WOW, was my first reaction. I love the variety and usefulness of the products displayed. It’s what my family was looking for to make my grandmother’s life easier since she insists on staying at home.

National Financial Services Group

I wish we had the touch screen monitor for my grandmother.

Bank of America

The medication dispensers are a must have! I am looking forward to bringing my husband out to see the different models.

Baptist Health – AgeWell Institute

The facility looks great. The wandering device is much needed. Thank you!

It was a very pleasant experience. The rep was very helpful and knowledgeable. This was the 2nd time she has been here and I really enjoy her visits.

Love coming to prism Health.Wonderful items to help people keep their independence as well as practical items for anyone.

The training of myself and my two contacts was amazing. It was very thorough and easy to understand and participation was excellent. It made everyone comfortable to participate in my care.

I liked the personal attention I received in purchasing these items. Very helpful.

Prism Health Services Team:

I want to thank you for helping my father and our family with your outstanding service. The recliner lift chair that you helped us order is working out perfectly for our 91 year old father. He uses it many hours each day!

The chair is good for one’s back, safe, comfortable, helpful, high quality and a very attractive green color.

The person who took our order as well as the delivery person and customer service follow up were all very professional and caring.

Again, thank you for assisting us.


Candy C.

Ponte Vedra FL

“The Pressure Point Release device is great for working out the knots that build up in my back, especially along the scapula. I’ve tried the Theracane and it just doesn’t work as well for me.”

Joe Beditz, Ph.D.

Dear Miss Prachi:

I have had several opportunities to use the above named product.

I must say this appropriately named miracle product is such a benefit to my life. I have used it on knee braces used on both of my knees.  Even if I lower the braces during the day, I can still re-position the braces and they stay put until I shower the next  day.

Regarding the (re-usable) underwear:  They are very comfortable and less bulky than the “pull-ups”. And they are reusable and washable as you know.

I am fortunate to have  met you that day in Jacksonville (, FL).

Mari Bottom

Miami FL

“I purchased one of your gloves for my arthritic hand, that I had injured. I wear it only at night! In a week it felt much better. Now, it seldom bothers me!”

Ms. Gail Bogue

Jacksonville FL


Good afternoon this text contains my five star recommendation for you please feel free to share it however you wish So Others May benefit from your help

I would highly recommend Prachi for any services, she is a trained therapist she is very resourceful and very very ingenious add caring to the list! She has helped me several times over the past two years and it is just about miraculous. I am wheelchair-bound and paralyzed on one side she found a seat cushion for my wheelchair which is much more comfortable and minimizes the risk of medical harm from being in a wheelchair 24/7. In addition, when you only have one hand it is not impossible to wash silverware. I certainly did not want to have to use up plastic forks knives and spoons for the rest of my life. Prachi found a tool that allows me to wash utensils easily, that, was totally wonderful! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Michelle B

Wyndham Lakes Retirement Community


Thank you for your visit on May 3, to check on my recliner, etc.  You helped my Aid to understand the chair positions and gave me a good refresher as well.  Thank you for your prompt and courteous service.  I tried the bath mat that you had previously recommended and have found it to be a wonderful improvement to the one that I had been using.  Once again thank you for your caring nature and great customer service.


Sunny R.